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Wedding Planning

Do you need a destination wedding planner or not?

By February 14, 2021No Comments

Some couples feel that they need a planner, but many resorts and venues will provide this service.  Hiring a destination wedding planner is a great stress relief for the bride and groom.  Choosing a location and the right hotel, for not only you, but your guests, can be overwhelming.  An experienced, well travelled planner, will be able to assist in narrowing down your choice to the one

Additionally, some wedding planners are actually travel agencies as well, making the travel and hotel booking process seamless.  This is the best of both worlds, as the wedding planner and the travel agent will work together to iron out all issues. Yes, there are always minor things that come up when planning the destination wedding.  The combined service provides for a better experience, planning your wedding.
On the other side, If your location has a wedding department, a wedding planner is usually provided.  If you can decide on a location on your own, why bring in a third party planner, if that service is provided by an in-house department?  Destination wedding planners are a game changer, as there are many additional services that are included.  Not only will they guide you through all the decision making and help save costs where you can, a planner at the resort, will want you to spend more money.  You will get undivided attention, unlike a resort planner that is working with all the weddings that are planned at the hotel.  Communication barriers can sometimes be an issue,  with iRock Weddings having our own team in Mexico, that is not an issue.  We work with all the best vendors, locally and at destination, you will be able to take advantage of the short list and recommendations.  If nothing goes wrong at weddings, no one would ever need a planner.  A planner is the one the makes sure the best day of your life goes off without a hitch.  Having contacts is one thing, having reliable people to come trough for your, comes with experience and relationship building, something iRock thrives on.  We also help create the couples wedding websites, to have their guests book their travel and provide wedding week itinerary.  Additional information regarding the wedding week will be provided to the guests via the website as well.  Hiring a destination wedding planner isn’t even something to think about.  There are all kinds of options to save on the planning services when working with iRock Weddings.